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Construction Sector Races the Industry Sector in Turkey!

: 2018-01-17 Modified date : 2019-04-11

Construction Sector Races the Industry Sector in Turkey!
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Despite the strength of the industrial sector, the construction market has grown strongly last year, therefore, the construction sector has been able to overcome this sector and contributed primarily to the economy. The growth in the Turkish economy during the quarter Third of last year has reached 11.1 percent.

The growth that happened in the construction sector is a qualitative leap despite the hard conditions experienced by Turkey in 2016 following the failed coup attempt that negatively affected the economy, and Turkey was able to gather its strength quickly via this vital sector, where the Turkish government directly provided a large number of facilities for the real estate sector and the construction sector after the coup attempt, which led to the flow of large cash liquidity to the Turkish markets from abroad. Large capital investment has entered in the Turkish real estate market during 2016 in this manner.

The strength of the construction sector in Turkey has enabled the country to enter into large projects based primarily on sector’s revenues, capabilities and technologies such as the Istanbul Canal project, the road network, bridges, highways, metro systems, waterways, hospitals, schools, universities and a large number of other vital facilities, moreover, It is expected to see a greater impact for this sector this year as well, experts say.

Source: Emlak kulesi

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