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59 Chinese Billionaires Visit Turkey for an Investment Purpose

: 2018-08-18

59  Chinese Billionaires Visit Turkey for an Investment Purpose
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In a new step to support the Turkish economy and to strengthen trade between Turkey and China, Led by the Chinese billionaire Jack Ma, 59 richest Chinese businessmen are visiting Turkey to build partnerships and seek new investment opportunities...

Turkish media reported that a Chinese group of businessmen with a wealth of between $ 15 billion and $ 30 billion planned to meet Turkish officials and business leaders to discuss opportunities for joint projects in the private and public sectors.

Earlier, Turkey's Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Dunmaz announced that Turkey plans to start construction of the third nuclear power plant in cooperation with China in the coming months.

About 40 Turkish companies are also preparing to participate in the China International Import Fair, which will be held in Shanghai from November 5-10, 2018, and is expected to attract about 150,000 buyers from more than 100 countries.

On the other hand, the Prince of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, announced last Wednesday to provide a variety of economic projects, investments and deposits of nearly 15 billion US dollars in support of the Turkish economy, during a meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan  at the presidential complex in the capital Ankara.

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Source: Turkpress

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