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City of London's President: Turkey's Economy is Vibrant

: 2019-04-10 Modified date : 2019-04-12

City of London's President: Turkey's Economy is Vibrant
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Peter Stellen, head of the City of London, one of the world's largest financial centers, said the Turkish economy is vibrant, noting that there are great opportunities for cooperation between the UK and Turkey.

He pointed out that the possibility of bilateral economic relations between Britain and Turkey heading to the new horizons, saying: The Turkish economy has grown rapidly in recent times, and offered exciting and interesting offers.

"I see a vibrant Turkish economy with which to cooperate” he added.

Concerning the areas of cooperation between the two sides, he added: I see many opportunities in the fields of financial technology and insurance in terms of the use of new technologies that require innovation, stressing the existence of a symbiotic relationship between Britain and Turkey.

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SOURCE: Anadolu

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