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Bitcoin to Enter the Real Estate Field in Turkey!

: 2017-12-22

Bitcoin to Enter the Real Estate Field in Turkey!
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The recent period has been mad about the virtual currency called Bitcoin, which has occupied many people's minds and led to a confusion in the markets, as this alleged currency has seen an unprecedented turnout and a high increase in value, which has been used in buying and selling deals by some parties.

Many real estate developers are currently working to let the Bitcoin be part of the real estate buying and selling deals, especially after the significant increase in its value, where 5.60 Bitcoin reached 360,000 Turkish lira, which is equivalent to the price of an apartment type 2+1.

The number of Turkish trading companies using this currency has increased in the commercial transactions they are making, and most of these companies are those who sell online.

Recently, a residential apartment in Turkey has been sold by a company to a person from Australia, as the idea of using the Bitcoin arose because of the buyer’s failure to transfer money to Turkey, and thus, the buyer transferred money in the form of Bitcoin.

On the other hand, it is not possible to predict what will happen in the future of this virtual currency or other virtual currencies, and whether the demand will continue or not, especially it is not tangible "recognized", which makes unknown, there is no officer for its price.

Source: Projeda

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