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Billions of Earnings for Turkish Commercial Complexes in 2018

: 2018-01-27 Modified date : 2019-04-11

Billions of Earnings for Turkish Commercial Complexes in 2018
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Economists predict that the retail sector in Turkey will see a big jump in 2018, with gross profits reaching 125 billion Turkish liras this year, which means 20,000 new job opportunities will be provided.

It is expected that the number of visitors to commercial complexes in 2018 will reach more than two billion visitors and customers, especially after the number of large commercial complexes has reached 410 in all cities of Turkey, and is expected to increase by 15 commercial complexes in 2018. According to statistics, the total profits in 2017 amounted to 110 billion Turkish liras.  

The commercial complexes or shopping malls in Turkey provide more than 500,000 jobs and will reach 520,000 jobs by the end of 2018. They will also receive more local and foreign tourists in 2018.

Reports show that the investment value of the commercial complexes that will open in 2018, is up to $ 4 billion and offers many new possibilities for shopping, with great interest to tourists, as the commercial complexes are one of the most preferred places for tourists in Turkey, Where the Arab tourist is an important element in increasing the demand for shopping malls in major cities, such as Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, and Izmir.

Source: Emlak Kulasi

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