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A Big Boom in the Automotive Industry and Export in Turkey

: 2017-10-12

A Big Boom in the Automotive Industry and Export in Turkey
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In addition to the real estate sector, which is considered one of the engines of the Turkish economy, Turkey's auto manufacturing, and export sector are one of the strongest and most influential sectors of the Turkish economy.

The latest figures indicate that the month of September witnessed a quantum leap in the exports of cars from Turkey to other countries by about 11 percent compared to the same period last year, where Turkey has reached the volume of exports that exceeded 2 billion and 150 million US dollars during this period.

Almost all the months of the year saw an increase in exports of manufactured and assembled cars in Turkey. Where the volume of exports in each month of the year has reached the threshold of two billion dollars, the rate of increase averaged this year to 22 percent, and the volume of exports during the past months to more than 20.8 billion dollars.

September saw a significant increase in exports of four-passenger vehicles, as it is considered the first preferred types among private cars. Figures show that the increase in exports of this type of car increased by 19.5 percent in September of this year compared with the same month last year.

Europe is one of Turkey's largest export markets, and this has not changed in this period either, with Europe leading the list of importers from Turkey. The exports to the European continent at 78 percent. The proportion of Turkish exports to Europe in September increased by 7 percent compared to the same month last year. The volume of exports in one month only to one billion and 673 million dollars in this continent only, and this figure amounted to two billion dollars after the inclusion of other countries from different continents.

Turkey is currently increasing its exports from this sector to the American continent as well as increasing exports to the African continent. And has been able to increase its exports to the African continent to 36 percent in this context.

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