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Arabs and Europeans Take the Lead of Real Estate Investment in Turkey

: 2017-10-25

Arabs and Europeans Take the Lead of Real Estate Investment in Turkey
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Turkey has become a major attraction for foreign investors in general and Arabs and Europeans in particular. Iraqi citizens hit the scene with the most owned in Turkey among the Arab countries, while Britain came in the forefront among the countries of the European continent.

The real estate sector is currently witnessing a strong growth in Turkey, where it has seen strong demand from both local and foreign investors, especially in September.

The European investor has directed the compass towards investment in Turkey, where nearly 62 thousand people bought independent properties and apartments in Turkey, amounting to more than 140 thousand and 830 investors.

For the Arab countries, Turkish statistical data indicate that three Arab nationalities topped the buyers of real estate in Turkey, namely Iraqis, Saudis, and Kuwaitis. According to data released by the Turkish Statistical Institute, Kuwaiti citizens bought 135 properties in August, ranking third after Iraqis who topped the ranking list Bought 317 properties, while the Saudis secondly bought 198 properties.

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