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10 Billion Dollars, the Amount of Foreign Investment in Turkey.

: 2018-02-13 Modified date : 2019-04-11

10 Billion Dollars, the Amount of Foreign Investment in Turkey.
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Several legal reforms came into force following the enactment of the Real Estate Investment Law in Turkey 2014. The Turkish government has added many advantages to investing in the real estate sector, and this sector has been profitable. These benefits have begun by granting citizenship to investors in the amount of $ 1 million in real estate, in addition to the possibility of tax exemption in whole or in part depending on the nature of investment in real estate Turkey, both foreign investors and expatriates Turks were exempted from VAT value of 18% of the value of the property.

The amount of foreign investment reached a record level of 4-5 billion Dollars. The Turkish Ministry of Economy expects this figure to reach 10 billion Dollars following the implementation of a new package of reforms on investment law in general and real estate investment in particular.

There are encouraging signs that foreign investors are increasingly attracted to Turkish markets, especially following the recent levels of the Turkish stock market, as well as the massive investments and projects of the Turkish government, such as bridges and large underground transcontinental tunnels, The third airport in Istanbul, which will be the largest airport in the world when completed; all of these matters increase the interest of foreign investors and encourage them to participate in the Turkish markets.

Source: Emlak Koalaisono

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