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950 Billion Liras the Investment Volume in Turkey

: 2017-12-07 Modified date : 2019-04-10

950 Billion Liras the Investment Volume in Turkey
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The Minister of Development in Turkey, Mr. Lotfi Alwan, at the meeting of the Chamber of Industry in Ankara gave statements about investments in Turkey, saying: The construction sector has the largest place in the investment space in Turkey, whether local or foreign, adding that the volume of investment in Turkey has reached 950 billion Turkish liras this year, and the Turkish government aims to reach much higher figure in 2018.

Minister Alwan said that the Turkish government is also working to rationalize government resources in order to add more value to the various investment sectors. He pointed out in this context to the support provided by the government to the real estate sector. He added also that the government will provide more space for the sector in the coming period.

He added saying that foreign parties are currently trying to shed light on the rapid development of the Turkish economy and that these attempts will end in failure as was the case in all previous attempts. He said that the stability of the economy will continue through renewed investments being done continuously.

He also urged investors to direct their investment into Turkey, which is currently one of the world's largest growing economic markets.

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