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$70 Billion the Tourism Revenue by 2023

Experts in the field of tourism suggest that it is possible to reach the number of 70 billion dollars in the volume of tourism revenues by 2023...

2017-08-21 Last update 2020-02-10

$70 Billion the Tourism Revenue by 2023

The tourism sector is one of the most vital sectors that generate huge revenues for the Turkish economy. This vital sector is an indispensable source and is the lifeblood of the real estate sector, which is the backbone of the Turkish economy.

The Turkish government is working hard to increase the share of this important sector among the various economic sectors in the country. The Turkish government also expects the revenues of the tourism sector within the Turkish Republic's vision for 2023 to reach 70 billion US dollars by 2023. This comes from the revenues coming from both local and foreign tourists.

There is no doubt that Arab tourists are considered of a large proportion of foreign tourists who come to Turkey. Where many areas on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea cities and major cities such as Istanbul, Bursa and Izmir are one of the most important points for Arab tourists in Turkey.

The Turkish government gives a great importance to the tourism sector, which is considered one of the most sensitive sectors. The sector is rapidly affected by external factors such as political relations between countries, in addition to the political and economic stability prevailing in the country.

In addition to tourism investments which also play a large role in attracting tourists. Where the huge investments made in this area is one of the most important factors that attract tourists to Turkey. There is no doubt that the huge investments made by Turkey in this context is considered a life in terms of attracting tourists to the country. Turkey has modernized all the roads in which it has become in line with international and European standards, as well as supplying most of the tourist cities with modern airports and daily flights between these cities and the many international capitals. Where Turkish Airlines operates daily flights directly or through transfers from Istanbul International Airports located in both European and Asian continents.

Experts in the field of tourism suggest that it is possible to reach the number of 70 billion dollars in the volume of tourism revenues by 2023 easily provided that the necessary investments and advertising campaigns are for at least two years in order to promote the Turkish tourism sector in international forums.

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