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$ 5 Billion the Real Estate Sales to Foreigners in Turkey

: 2018-01-20 Modified date : 2019-04-11

$ 5 Billion the Real Estate Sales to Foreigners in Turkey
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Foreign demand for Turkey's real estate sector continues to rise in 2018, as was the case in 2017. Turkey's real estate sector is a convenient place for investors to invest in a stable, secure and profitable environment. Experts expect foreign investment to reach $ 5 billion in 2018, this figure could be more, especially after the volume of investments in 2017 reached 4.2 billion dollars.

According to figures released by the Turkish Statistical Institute, 16 thousand apartments were sold for foreigners in 2016, and this number exceeded 20 thousand apartments in 2017, thus, this number is expected to increase significantly in 2018 after the facilities provided by the Turkish government On the one hand, and real estate offers by real estate companies on the other, which has already started now, where the investment is expected to reach $ 5 billion in 2018.  

The sales volume chart for foreigners shows that the jump started in 2013 and continues so far, with 12,000 apartments sold to foreigners and 20,000 apartments in 2017, moreover, experts expect Arab investors to hold the largest share of the Turkish real estate sector among other foreign investors in 2018 as well.

Source: Emlak Habar TV

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