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2018 Is the Golden Year of Real Estate in Turkey

: 2017-07-08 Modified date : 2019-04-10

2018 Is the Golden Year of Real Estate in Turkey
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Current studies on real estate markets, which are highly popular with domestic and foreign investors, indicate that this trend will continue next year as well. There are expectations that more than 1.5 million apartments and units will be sold in 2017. The number of apartments in 2018 is much more than this number.

Experts point out that the political stability that followed the recent vote on the Turkish constitution in April has increased the investor confidence in the Turkish markets in general and in the Turkish real estate market in particular.

Real estate experts say also that the government will continue next year with reforms and amendments that began this year and attracted a large number of foreign investors.

Recent developments in the Turkish economy are also an important indicator of the increased confidence in the markets. The Istanbul Stock Exchange broke a record in recent days, making it the most profitable financial market in all the world markets.

The recent amendments to the Turkish Citizenship Law have also increased the demands for real estate ownership by Arab investors in particular, and experts expect to increase further in the coming period. Also in 2018.  The government has amended the exceptional Citizenship Law in the form of granting citizenship to real estate investors whom they buy and maintain a property for 3 years.

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