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14 Countries in the World Announced this Year "Turkey Real Estate Year"

: 2019-04-19 Modified date : 2019-05-07

14 Countries in the World Announced this Year "Turkey Real Estate Year"
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Turkish newspaper "Sabah" reported on the surprise of this year's 2019 "Year of Turkey Real Estate" published last week that Turkey's real estate sales to foreigners in the first two months of this year 2019 reached about 6,500 properties, while in the same period sales Last year was close to half of the number compared with the same period, with sales reaching about 3470 properties.

 Turkey Real Estate Year

Real estate consultancy contributed to reaching "Turkey Real Estate Year"

Turkey's recent real estate consultancy has attracted property developers and private investors to invest in the real estate sector in Turkey, which has led to an increase in Turkey's real estate sales.

"Real estate in Turkey, especially in the coastal areas, is more beautiful and quality than the French cities of Nice and Côte d'Azur," said François Gagnon, president of ERA Real Estate.

"We are receiving a lot of requests for Turkey from countries with a lot of Turkish population, such as Germany and the Netherlands, as well as Scandinavian countries," he said, referring to the demand of Turkish people to buy real estate in Turkey.

"Turkey today is the shining star of Europe," he said. "This year it was announced Turkey's real estate year in more than 14 European countries."

Turkey's real estate sales to foreigners reached 40 thousand last year, Turkey's General Manager Eran Ozatay said, pointing out that Turkey is taking a number of measures that will speed up sales and facilitate the sale. He also expected sales to surpass 50 thousand this year, boosting the value of this year's announcement as Turkey's real estate year.

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