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126 New Projects in Turkey in 2018

: 2018-01-12

126 New Projects in Turkey in 2018
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Minister of Transport, Communications and Maritime Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Ahmed Arslan said in a statement that 2018 will be the year of projects with excellence, and this year will see the implementation of 126 projects worth 15 billion and 900 million Turkish liras.

The minister said that Turkey has witnessed the last 15 years mega projects amounted to 380 billion and 20 million Turkish liras and that the government plans to allocate 28 billion and 800 million Turkish liras in 2019 next.

The minister added that the government is moving ahead with infrastructure projects that will increase the strength of the road, rail and, many other vital projects. The percentage of roads divided by 38.5 percent of the total roads in Turkey.

The minister pointed out that modern roads are an indicator of civilized development in the developed countries. Turkey, therefore, intends to proceed with the development and construction of modern roads, which will extend to all Turkish cities.

The Istanbul Canal project, which will start in 2018, is one of Turkey's largest projects in the modern era. A new strait like the Bosphorus that passes from Istanbul will be established, but the canal will be fully controlled by the Turkish state, unlike the Bosphorus Strait, which cannot be controlled due to international constraints.

The annual plan approved by the Turkish government indicates that a package of mega projects will be announced in the coming days of this year by various ministries.

Source: Anadolu Agancy

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