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122,882 Apartments Were Sold in Turkey during October

: 2017-11-29

122,882  Apartments Were Sold in Turkey during October
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The turnout in the real estate sector in Turkey continues to increase, with September and October seeing a significant leap in the number of apartments sold throughout Turkey. Approximately, 122,882 apartments were sold in Turkey during October.

As usual, Istanbul topped the scene with sales of 20,906 apartments sold in one month only followed by Ankara, which sold 12,130 apartments and Izmir, which sold 7,258 apartments.

Istanbul has been on the throne of the real estate scene because of the high demand by both local and foreign investors. The city's 39 districts have seen large sales. Moreover, the municipality of esenyurt topped the list by selling only 3,048 apartments.

The Sarayar district has also entered the real estate scene largely. It witnessed a very high turnout in October, as the number of apartments sold increased to 1768 apartments in this district.

Turkey, in general, and Istanbul, in particular, are also attracting foreign interests. Istanbul's iconic projects have received a strong demand from foreign investors, and real estate is expected to continue in the coming months as well.

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