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The Turkish government gives a great importance to the country's road network and is working to connect all Turkish cities with modern road networks. The road projects completed during the last 15 years are considered the most important factors for Turkey's success and economic development, and increased public confidence in them, which has led to a more direct stability in Turkey, for all economic and political aspects.

The Ministry of Transport, Maritime, and Telecommunications of the Republic of Turkey is working on a new road project between Istanbul, Bursa, and Izmir, with a length of 433 km, and the completion of 184 km of this road so far. Most of its sections have been completed, and it is expected to reach 405 km at completion, and 119 km-long roads between Ankara and Kirikkale will also be initiated.

Turkey not only focuses on land routes but also gives a great importance to railways. It has modernized rail networks throughout Turkey, linked all seaports by rail, and connected many cities with high-speed rail lines. The provision of high-speed rail services between Istanbul and Ankara, Ankara and Konya, and the construction of a new pipeline between Ankara and Kayseri.

Source: Emlakkulisi