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The latest version of the Real Estate Price Index, which are leased in Turkey and organized by the Gödher & Reiden International Association, was released on the basis of announcing the results of the index for the last period.

The report, which covers 68 Turkish states, shows that the price of the rental property index in Turkey increased by 0.89 percent compared to last month, while the figure increased by 3.95 percent compared to the same period last year.

Turkey's city of Bursa topped the first city in terms of increasing the leasing price per square meter in real estate, with the Bursa index rising 2.42 percent in just one month.

According to the report, the cities that saw the highest percentage of real estate price indices in terms of purchase in Turkey, which are avoiding prices in the shortest possible time are the cities of Aydin, Van and Pelagic, because of the low prices of real estate.

According to data, foreign property sales in Turkey rose by 24.8 percent in June compared to the same month in 2016, and the total number of sales reached 1926.

Istanbul topped the list of the most Turkish cities selling real estate to foreigners in June, where the number of properties sold 903 properties, followed by Antalya by 408 real estate, followed by Bursa with 93 properties, then Aydin by 77 properties, then the capital of Ankara by 68 properties, and Mugla by 60 properties.