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The Turkish Statistics Institute revealed the latest sales figures for August month 2017 in other Turkish cities. The number of apartments sold in the Turkish cities reached 120 thousand and 198 apartments.

The big city of Istanbul has traditionally occupied the lead, with only 18,696 apartments sold.

August saw an increase of 4.7 percent in the number of apartments sold compared to the same month last year. While Istanbul surpassed Turkey's average of 10.6 percent, a clear indication of the city's high turnout. Ankara came second with 10.5 percent, with 12,630 apartments sold, and Izmir came in third with 5.738 percent.

For foreigners, the month of August witnessed the sale of 1684 apartments for foreign persons, an increase of 11.4% compared to the same month of last year, distributed as follows: 524 apartments in Istanbul, 376 apartments were sold in Antalya, 103 in Yalova, 2,100 in Bursa, 99 in Trabzon, and Iraqi investors ranked first among foreigners in August. Iraqi investors bought 317 apartments across Turkey. Saudi Arabia came second with 198 apartments, Kuwait with 135 apartments, Russia with 95 apartments and Afghanistan with 81 apartments.