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The past few years in Turkey have witnessed huge investments in various fields such as transportation, infrastructure, energy, and defense. Turkey has thus reached a record number of the budgets allocated for these projects. Which exceeded the national income of 130 countries. Where the value of the mega projects on the agenda of the Turkish government reached more than 138 billion US dollars.

Studies about these mega projects being implemented throughout Turkey indicate that Turkey has changed the face of the world. Only through these projects have Turkey managed to exceed the national revenues of countries such as Bulgaria, Libya, Uruguay, Slovenia and many other countries.

Turkish mega-projects also have a huge media turnout, with many national and international news agencies covering the news of these projects.

According to recent reports, 27,478 news and content on the World Wide Web have been published over the past seven years on these mega projects in Turkey.

The Sultan Yavuz Selim Bridge project has been in operation for the last 3 years and has been the first in terms of mega projects. It is the third bridge on the banks of Asia and Europe, linking the European and Asian sections of Istanbul.