Can Iraqis purchase a property in Turkey? Can Iraqis buy an apartment in Turkey? Can Iraqis purchase a land for sale in Turkey? Can Iraqis buy offices in Turkey? Frequently asked questions for Iraqis about real-estate in Turkey.

The real-estate market in Turkey is witnessing a big turnout for the purchase of apartments by Iraqi citizens, who form a vast number of real-estate investors in Turkey.

Iraq, the country that has the oldest civilizations in Mesopotamia and occupy the most important strategic location in the Middle East and the Gulf region and one of the most important countries that have huge oil reserves.

The security and political situations in Iraq have led thousands of Iraqis to find safe alternatives for life. Many people have chosen to go to Turkey, either for stability or as a regard for illegal immigration to Europe, this will lead them to the unknown. Consequently, many Iraqis decided to own property in Turkey, because of the reception, hospitality and compassion shown by the Turkish people with the ongoing Iraq's tragic situation.

On the economic side, the two countries have an extensive trade relations that take the form of Iraqis exports for Turkish goods in a large quantity, which makes it a transit zone between the two countries and one of the most important commercial zones where the entry of Turkish trucks to Iraq on a daily basis. In contrast, Iraq is exporting oil extracted from Kirkuk through oil pipeline, which passes the Turkish land and access to the port of Ceyhan, where it is exported to all around the world, with the increase of Iraq's ability to export and the need to open new outlets, it was decided to open a pipeline of oil and another tube gas transit through Turkey to be a factor of closer economic ties between the two neighboring countries including the mutual benefit on Iraq and Turkey.

According to the Cabinet decision about the purchase of immovable property (real-estate in Turkey), by foreigners in Turkey, Iraq is among the countries that allow their citizens to own property in Turkey.

Iraq and Turkey are neighboring countries linked by historical, economic and cultural relations, the two countries have sought to develop their relations since Turkey's recognition of Iraq in 1927 based on their common interests, especially the two countries share common borders and common issues such as water and oil.

However, Iraqis need to achieve certain conditions to buy a property in Turkey. These conditions are the approval of the foreign ministry and then approval from the Ministry of Interior.

Iraq falls within the list of countries which gives the right to its citizens to buy a property in Turkey, under the Act of 2012. Therefore, if the Foreign Ministry reviewed the request and the Ministry of Interior granted the approval, it becomes possible to obtain the real-estate for those who wish to own in Turkey.

Paperwork required for the Iraqis to own a property in Turkey as follows:

1. Personal identity card and passport.


2. Residence permission statement to for those whom law requires.