There are few important things to keep in mind from those required by the Department of Real Estate Records and the papers that must be taken in order to avoid the return and delay of procedures. Here are some things to note in this context:

- All required papers must be completed by completing the list of them, and taking personal identification or agency in case the person is acting on behalf of another person in the matter of the property.

- Personal photos requested by the Real Estate Department, one photo of the seller and two personal photographs of buyers must be accompanied.

- Insurance against earthquakes and natural disasters.

- The common allowance document obtained from the concerned municipality to which the property belongs.

- Document of the land registry belonging to the property.

- Bank papers if a bank loan is used to buy the property.

It is very important to give correct information during the purchase of the property, especially the purchase price, in order to avoid being exposed to accountability and fined later. Sometimes, the defaulters are fined up to 25% of the tax.

The parties must agree in order to determine the sale fees of the property. It is customary to pay the fees equally between the parties to the seller, in the form of dividing the amount into both parties. However, although there is no clear and explicit text in this context, fees are usually charged to the buyer. Therefore, it is better to agree between the parties about the methods of paying fees and will clarify these matters during the implementation of the deal between the parties.

In this case, it is very important to state the subject of the commission to be received by the broker as well as the issues related to the payment of fees that will arise from the sale of the property.