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One of the most important things that must be done during the sale and purchase of real estate is the organization of official documents required for it, and the agreements that are organized in this context with the legal authorized writer as a pledge on the sale and purchase. Both the sales allowance, the address of the property and the terms of the agreement shall be clearly and expressly stated upon the conclusion of the agreement.

What is the agreement to sell the property?- Property In Turkey For Sale

The agreement to sell the property is a contract organized between the seller and the purchaser of the property and the buyer undertakes to pay a fixed amount to the seller in return for ownership of the property, and if this agreement is not arranged between the parties in accordance with the provisions of the Turkish Civil Code, the law of real estate records and the law of Turkish legal writing, there will be no validity and will not be in force, for this reason must be signed the sale agreement with the legal writer as well.

It should be noted that it is not possible to use the sale and purchase agreements by the buyer to register the property in his name, but it can be used to register the property. If not mentioned otherwise in the agreement, registration in the root can be registered at the Directorate of Real Estate Records by submitting a party to this agreement.

How to Organize a Real Estate Sale Agreement:

The terms of sale, the title of the property and the terms of the agreement must be clearly and explicitly stated, and the information of the parties to the agreement. The terms of sale shall then be recorded. In this context, the allowance to be paid by the buyer to the seller shall be clearly stated. (Guarantee) In order to guarantee the sale, in this case, the amount must be deducted from the total amount and recorded within the Succinctness of the agreement. In the case of the sale and purchase process, a part of the amount shall be paid and the rest shall be paid. During the statement of the paid part and the remaining part and the period in which d P value and the amount of each installment of the premiums in the event of an agreement on this.

In case of an amendment to the Agreement, this shall be done in accordance with the formalities specified for that purpose.

Content and Duration of the Sale Agreement:

Article 156.2 of the Turkish Debt Act provides that the buyer shall not be able to recover the amount of the deposit that he paid to the seller in the event of his abandonment of the purchase, notwithstanding the sale of the legal contract in this context In the event of the contrary, that is, in the case of the seller's abandonment despite the payment of the guarantor and the organization of the agreement with the legal writer, he must in this case to pay an amount equivalent to the weak guarantor taken from the buyer.

In the event of a real estate broker between the parties, the commission shall be paid to the broker by both parties equally.

In the event of disputes between the parties and in case the court rules against the other party, the party causing the damage must compensate the injured party.

Article 125 of the Turkish Debt Law states that the term of the sale agreement is 10 years. Agreements that are not organized by the legal writer will be considered as ordinary agreements and will not be legally valid.

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