Once you have decided to sell your homeinTurkey real estatemarket, you want (like every other homeowner) to sell it fast and obviously for maximum amount that it can fetch. Also, you think your home is best because you are emotionally attached to it and have very strong memories associated with the property. However, emotions matter little when it comes to convincing prospective buyers to pay the asking price. Here are a few important factors you need to consider while putting your houses for sale in Turkey or in Istanbul real estatemarket:

1.Prepare home for Sale

Many homeowners are surprised when their homes do not get offers from buyers even after several days on the market. This happens when the market is dull but also when the home is showed without any preparation. Remember, home shoppers in Turkey real estate market try to visualize themselves living inside the property when they are there for the showing. You must keep the home clean and free from clutter so that there is nothing to distract the prospective buyers.

2.Set the asking price right

Many homeowners set asking price higher than the market value of their property. You cannot fool home shoppers in this age of internet and access to information. In fact, set the price slightly lower than market value and see buyers stampede with their offers. They will bid higher to get the property and you will be able to sell the home pretty fast. There is a danger with overpricing when you’re selling in a highly competitive market such as Istanbul real estate. You can easily scare serious homebuyers having a fixed budget around the actual market value of your property.

3.Fix repairs that are necessary

You can easily put off serious home-buyers by trying to sell your home as it is. If there are issues that need repairs, you must get them fixed by spending money before putting your home for sale. Roof, ventilation, plumbing, flooring etc are aspects of a property that are looked at closely by the prospective buyer. Rest assured that you will get the money spent on repairs back from the homebuyer. Getting a home inspection done prior to showing gives you an idea of issues that need fixing.

4.Take your home out of your house

Do not become confused reading this title. Leaving personal stuff inside your home can distract prospective buyers and it can make it difficult to imagine living inside the structure. Even personal keepsakes, paintings, and photos of family members don’t make sense inside a home when it is benign shown to a prospective buyer.


It ultimately boils down to the asking price that you have set for your property in a respective real estate market. This is the reason why you must consult a professional real estate agent in Istanbul real estatebefore setting the price and contacting potential buyers. Leave it to the pros who know the property in your area like the back of their hand.