Imtilak Properties

The real estate sector is one of the most vital sectors in Turkey in terms of bringing profit to the investor in a very short time and almost assuredly, as the country is witnessing great demand both locally and internationally. The figures for the first half of this year show that more than 6, 000 records have been registered throughout the country.

Therefore, procedures that are related to the transfer of ownership and property bookings developed during the transfer of ownership of real estate are very important and have been difficult to investors in most cases because of the routine procedures faced by the investor in the real estate registry (Tabo).

The Turkish government has made many facilities in this context in order to facilitate the procedures related to the procedures of the transfer of property. The real estate registry departments witnessed many updates, from the implementation of the single window to the possibility of using the website of the state to access the property records In a timely and reliable manner and to ensure that the information contained in the records is in electronic form through this site.

The last of these facilities was carried out by the State through the General Directorate of Real Estate Registries through a pilot agreement of its kind between the Turkish Ziraat Bank of the State and the General Directorate of Real Estate Records about the property and registering belonging to the real estate records through all branches belonging to this bank.

In this context, the General Directorate of Real Estate Registries has prepared a fully integrated automated website that can be accessed by specialists in the Directorate General of Real Estate Registries and by branches of the Turkish Ziraat Bank. In the past, the transfer procedures were initiated at the General Directorate of Real Estate Records. The payment is made at the bank and returning to the General Directorate of Real Estate Records in order to establish the real estate registering.

This has led to the prolongation of the procedures for the transfer of ownership of the land registry and takes a long time. Currently, through this agreement, it is possible to transfer the information related to the transfer procedures in the ownership by branches of Ziraat bank directly to the website that returns to the General Directorate of Real Estate Records. It is expected that the state will carry out many other procedures that will transfer all transactions related to transfers of property to digital circles and agreements with several banks in the country in this context.