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Green building: It is an eco- Friendly building which saves energy and does not cause harmful emissions, green buildings consume less than two-thirds less energy than traditional buildings.

The Green Building Document Act of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of the Republic of Turkey has recently initiated. This law regulates the criteria that make the building environmentally friendly in a sustainable manner.

Green Building Document: A license that can be issued upon the completion of certain necessary standards that meet the criteria of sustainable development and environmental friendliness so that the building does not cause damage to the environment and does not increase harmful emissions in the air, but reduces these, Energy saving, alternative energy use, renewable energy.

The Turkish state attaches great importance to green buildings because of the various environmental events in our world such as desertification, water scarcity, pollution and greenhouse gases... despite the fact that Turkey has a flexible and sustainable nature and relatively abundant water resources, Of the Turkish State future and its observance of climate change, which is one of the greatest problems facing humankind in the near future.

The Green Building Document can be obtained to license any project that meets the requirements by submitting a request to the Ministry which will send a team of specialists to conduct the necessary review of the building. Further details will be published in the coming period in the form of application for the document.

Source: Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of Turkey