The Turkish government has recently been working on increasing safety standards in the modern real estate, as well as modernizing old buildings to improve their resilience, consequently, the Ministry of Cities and the Environment has issued a new executive regulation for the building safety standards in the event of disasters and earthquakes.

Moreover, the government closely monitors the buildings under construction. A study is conducted on all materials used in these buildings as well as teams of the directorates from the Ministry conduct patrols on residential and commercial projects in order to ensure that safety standards, thus, Samples are taken from all materials used during construction.

Studies in this regard indicate that buildings that are subject to earthquake losses are due to the non-observance of these buildings by the rules of the Earthquake and Disaster Prevention Act.

The modern Natural Disaster Prevention Act takes into account a large number of precise details that increase the security of buildings during a disaster or earthquake. The law emphasizes conducting studies on the strength of the construction foundations for shocks and shakings, the doors and windows resistance for such cases and their design in a way that reduces risks to the lives of the occupants in the buildings during the earthquake, as well as the identification of high standards’ prevention that prevent the walls from the risk of cracking or disintegration.

It is known that the Turkish government attaches great importance to the issue of disasters and protection before it occurs and to compensate losses in the event of an occurrence. The insurance of disasters and earthquakes applied in this context is the biggest proof of this interest. The Turkish government stipulated that all apartments and shops that are leased or sold to make this insurance before the using the property, and prevents the opening of many subscriptions such as water, electricity and natural gas in these properties in without doing an insurance on these properties against earthquakes and disaster.