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Turkey has recently become the safe haven for a large number of investors who wish to invest in a stable and profitable economic environment. Thus, Turkey was able to attract a large number of foreign capital in general and Arab in particular in 2017, which is evident in Real estate numbers sold to foreigners during the year.

The Turkish Statistical Institute published a report showing the extent of foreign investors' interest in the real estate sector. The report included the period from January to November 2017.

The report also shows that the number of properties sold to foreigners within 11 months has reached 20 thousand and 70 apartments, where the figure in the same period of 2016 was 16 thousand and 549 apartments.

Tax exemptions and discounts have played an important role in attracting foreign investors, increasing the desire of the investor who was able to get his property at a reduced rate of about 20 percent. The month of April of 2017 was a boom in terms of increased sales, spanned the entire year.

Istanbul topped the list of the most popular cities in terms of foreigners’ ownership in Turkey by 7380 apartments, followed by Antalya 4329 apartments, Bursa came in third place with 1286 apartments.

The Iraqi investor issued the list of the most powerful foreigners, where Iraqis bought 3387 apartments, Saudis came in second place with 3074 apartments and Kuwaitis ranked third with 1540 apartments.

Source: Emlak Gazetesi