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What Are the Things that Have Changed in the Real Estate Sector in Turkey?

: 2017-10-05

What Are the Things that Have Changed in the Real Estate Sector in Turkey?
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There are some things that will be changed in the next few days in the rules of reconstruction in Turkey based on the latest amendment, which was made on July 3, 2017, and was published in the Official Gazette.

Recent amendments include several reforms that comprise the reconstruction plans for the infrastructure, environment, sustainability and health, the appropriate conditions for that, the regulatory basis and conditions in this context.

Here are some things that will be modified in this context:

  1. The licenses for the construction of 1 + 0 apartments will no longer be granted. The apartments of this type will be folded into the pages of history because they do not fit the healthy life. The apartment will be less than 28.5 m 2. The height of the ceilings was set at a height of at least 3.6 m for apartments and 5 m for shops.
  2. Municipalities will determine the structure of the structural fabric in their area of management, and will, therefore, choose the suitable paint and front, as well as the roof shape that gives beauty to the structure and does not disturb it.
  3. From now on, the buildings will be extended horizontally, rather than those that extend vertically and reach high altitudes, because high buildings pose health risks to human health. The new construction and constructional projects are expected to be in this pattern from now on due to the large investor orientation towards this type of building.
  4. The balconies will return back, which has disappeared for a while. The balcony wide will be approximately two meters wide.
  5. Parking spaces will be created for each apartment. The parking area will not be included in the total area of the apartments. Two parking spaces will be built more intensively and parking space allocated to the total area will be counted.
  6. For the first time, the area of mosques within buildings will be counted outside the total area of the building.
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