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Top Tips for Turkey Real Estate

: 2017-04-07

Top Tips for Turkey Real Estate
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Whether you are selling or looking for houses for sale in Turkeythere are a lot of tips that would help you find the best opportunities. The real estate business is not difficult to understand but can be quite risky if you are not well informed. For this reason, we tried to provide you with the best tips that would help you go around the Turkey real estate market:

Home buyers should look for the right time:

If you are looking for houses for sale in Turkey, then you might want to stay away from the high season. The high season will involve a lot of options available for home buyers to choose from. This will probably be during the summer months, where people are relocating after starting a family, switching schools or jobs. A lot of options available mean that there will be a lot of competition. Looking for houses in the winter, on the other hand, will involve fewer options and competition but will also mean lower prices.

Sellers should hire the right agent:

If you are selling your house then you should make sure that you have chosen the right agent. The real estate Istanbul market is full of agents but finding the right one can take some effort. You should be able to look for several agents online. Checking their profiles on LinkedIn or Facebook is a good idea because you will be able to see feedback and how strong their network is. Reading the reviews is extremely important because this could be your only chance to know how they are performing. Invest some time in interviewing the shortlisted candidates and ask for a sales activity report and information about their current listings.

Buyers should consider different financing options:

There should be a lot of different financing options available for buyers who are interested in the Turkey real estate market and the number of units available. Each buyer should spend the time to study the pros and cons of each financing option. Whether you are applying for a loan, a mortgage or simply considering paying for your unit in installments, you should be able to get and compare all this information in order to make a well-informed decision.

Sellers should know what to spend:

The real estate Istanbul market might be a seller’s market but there are a lot of things that sellers must pay attention to in order to boost the desirability of their home or unit:

  • Spend money on wise renovation. If you choose to renovate your house completely before putting it out for sale, you might end up spending a lot of money that you will only get later on. Adding this amount of money to the price of the house might also make it less appealing to potential buyers. Instead spend money wisely on the areas that would most attract the attention of potential buyers like the bathroom and the kitchen.
  • Clean the house. Spending time on properly cleaning the house can make it look a lot newer and more attractive without having to spend a lot of money on renovation.
  • Depersonalize the house before putting it out for sale. This means collecting different personal items like photos and drawings. This will make the house more appealing because people want to feel that they are buying a new home for their families. Also, make sure that everything is organized and that there is no clutter in the house so that buyers can properly see and examine what they are buying.
  • Make sure that your house looks well lit and bright. Open the windows and repaint if you need to but make sure that you are using neutral and light colors.

Buyers and sellers should deal with documents:

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, it is important to stick to facts. Agents might be giving false hope to buyers that the house is already theirs while trying to secure the deal with other buyers who might pay higher. Sellers would also fall a victim if they don’t pay attention to the right documents. A deal is closed when a contract is signed and not before. This will ensure that everything is safe and secure.

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