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Things You Should Pay Attention to When Investing in Reconstruction Lands in Turkey

: 2016-07-09

Things You Should Pay Attention to When Investing in Reconstruction Lands in Turkey
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Due to the high prices of housing units day by day, it makes it more difficult to purchase housing units, since land is one of the most important means of investment in real estate after housing units, thus, Many investors want to make a profit by investing via buying a land, and most investors are likely to invest in areas that turn into attractions because of the proliferation of many large projects.

Investing in land, like other investments in the real estate sector, it won’t’ make you good profits without taking correct and sound steps during investment. Investors who wish to invest by buying a land should be careful about their investments. Many real estate experts recommend that investors who want to purchase a land must commit to several matters in order to achieve better investment and profit:

Accurate search:  investors should thoroughly search and investigate the land he wishes to invest. He should not neglect this search and it is preferable to consult and seek the support and assistance of experts in the field of real estate.

Taking future guessing into account: When buying a land, it is necessary to calculate what the value of these lands will be in the coming years and what profits they can make well and give the decision in light of this guesswork.

Construction license: Considering whether the land to be invested has a Construction Emaar license. In order to make a good profit in a short period, the investor must give priority to the land that has the reconstruction license.

It is also necessary to look at the title of land ownership document to be invested and consider whether the land bond is a shareholding subsidy or an independent bond. The investor tries to stay away from the shareholding bond and accepting the independent bonds as much as possible.

On the other hand, Investors should consult with real estate experts, real estate offices and real estate companies for the issues of real estate investment, especially investors who are not aware of the real estate markets or foreign investors who wish to invest in a particular country or city. As real estate experts and companies are more familiar with the most profitable investment areas, it is possible to request real estate consultancy services in Turkey.

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