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Smart Home in Turkey Something Real or Just a Fantasy

: 2016-11-15 Modified date : 2019-03-12

Smart Home in Turkey  Something Real or Just a Fantasy
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Away from science fiction and action movies and passing by a marvel called (Smart Home), many people who heard this term wondered about this house and what this term exactly meant!?

Shortly we may say, the word 'smart' here means to do all you want to do in your home through your mobile phone or small remote control devices.

Since we, Imtilak Real Estate Company, are one of the leaders in the field of real estate in Turkey, we are pleased to present you the top 5 basics about this marvel, namely:

Control the house by remote (curtains, oven, water, lights, and the entrance to the garage).

Alert system with motion sensor, speakers and automatic locking for the doors.

Cameras monitor system inside and outside the home and stabilizers for photos and recording devices.

Audio and cinema systems to enjoy the music and watching movies.

Conditioning and cooling water systems.

What really worth surprising is..:

You can ventilate the home, even when none is at home.

You can turn on the air conditioners, also when you are not at home.

Open/close curtains automatically whenever the weather changes; there is a thunder, lightning, rain etc...

You can control and turn on the lights in the home with a single click.

You can cut off the electricity from the socket in case you forget to turn it off before you get out of the home.

You can water your garden depending on the dew levels in the weather.

When you are on a holiday and a stranger comes near the home or enters the home, the smart home and the alert systems can follow him by flashing lights or watching him on television automatically.

You can turn off the TV at a specific hour at night.

And in the morning when you get up, the smart home can automatically run on the coffee maker machine and prepare it for you and heat the water for you to take shower.

Over and above, it is possible to turn off all the electrical devices when you go out of the home in the morning by activating the safe mode to enable the highest percentage of safety.

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