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Is It the Right Time to Buy a House in Turkey?

: 2019-08-24 Modified date : 2019-09-04

Is It the Right Time to Buy a House in Turkey?
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Real estate investment in Turkey, especially home investment is at the top of the investment options in Turkey, both internally and externally, with a growing demand to buy a house in Turkey. 

However, although home investment is one of the most important investment options that yield future interest and profit, most people who buy houses have the primary objective of residence and stability, or for their summer vacation.  

Therefore, one must look at the reality of the Turkish real estate market. To answer the question: Are we today in a good period for buying a house in Turkey?

House in Turkey

Is it time to buy a house in Turkey?

Economists and real estate investment experts are divided into two teams. Economists encourage investment funds to remain cash in this period, fearing the money market, but real estate investment experts prove that investing in real estate is the most effective form of investment to collect interest and profit.

Real estate investment experts believe that this period is a golden opportunity for real estate investment, especially for those who have liquidity and can pay the price of the property at once, through some offers, they implicitly get discounts up to 40%.

These experts argue that it is their opinion that has prevailed by figures proving that those who invested in Turkish real estate in this period has achieved great profits, as they assert that there will be a steady increase of these profits in the coming period.  

House prices in Turkey

Will house prices in Turkey increase or decrease in the coming period?

It is clear from the statistics by the Turkish Statistical Organization TÜİK, concerning the financial costs of construction that these costs are witnessing an increase double the cost, as the cost of building a house in Turkey has increased from last year, according to official statistics. 

Statistics also show that building many new homes in Turkey has started to decrease slightly, which positively affects the price stability at the present time, with a steady rise in the coming days, and is a golden opportunity for real estate investment, because the investor will reap the results of increasing the property value increase at an unprecedented pace.  

Summer house in Turkey

“Anyone who does not buy a new house in this golden period when real estate prices in Turkey are cheap will regret in the coming period as prices will increase significantly,” says Nazmi Dur Bakim, CEO of a construction company operating in Istanbul. The number of building permits has dropped significantly, meaning that properties in the current market will see an inevitable increase in demand, and thus a significant increase in price.

"Companies have not yet reflected the increase in costs, as real estate prices today are cheap in the real sense, because the next period we expect to start in September and beyond will see an increase in prices," Ahmed Ak Balak, Chairman of one of the largest companies in the construction and real estate sector commented. 

Real estate in Turkey

In conclusion: According to the vision of Imtilak Real Estate, the opportunity to own a property in Turkey now is an opportunity in the sense of the word, especially with the reality of current prices. Moreover, the advantages of owning real estate in Turkey, including the acquisition of Turkish citizenship for those who buy real estate worth 250 thousand US dollars are also a great chance.

Our leading real estate and property consultancy company in Turkey offers the best investment opportunities, among the most important and most secure projects for those wishing to own a house in Turkey, with a range of important services that facilitate the ownership process in Turkey.

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