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Real estate Tax Rates in Turkey | Real Estate in Turkey

: 2017-05-24 Modified date : 2019-03-12

Real estate Tax Rates in Turkey | Real Estate in Turkey
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Real Estate In Turkey - Real Estate Tax Rates In Turkey

There are many taxes to be paid by investors, including real estate taxes, and are regularly taxed by the taxpayer for certain periods of the year by taxpayers of the property owners.

Matters related to property taxes in Turkey are determined by the provisions of real estate law number 1319.

The Turkey real estate tax is paid by the owner of the property. If the property is owned by more than one party at the same time, the property tax will be paid by the owners in proportion to their ownership ratios, whether equal or different.

It is possible to benefit from the tax exemption by applying in writing to the municipality concerned to complete the necessary procedures related to it.

The real estate tax of a property is calculated by calculating the value of the property in the first class and determining the ratio of the Turkey real estate tax to which it belongs.

These percentages vary between large and regular cities in Turkey, reaching 2 per thousand in major cities and 1 per thousand in normal cities. 4 per thousand for shops in major cities, and 2 per thousand for shops in ordinary cities.

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