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Top 25 Questions about Turkish Citizenship in 2019: You Ask and Imtilak Real Estate Answers

: 2018-10-26 Modified date : 2019-12-17

Top 25 Questions about Turkish Citizenship in 2019: You Ask and Imtilak Real Estate Answers
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Recently, the Ministry of Environment and Cities of Turkey has issued the executive regulations on the law of granting Turkish citizenship, and the new law has included important amendments to obtain Turkish citizenship including the granting of Turkish citizenship for buying a property worth $ 250 thousand dollars, after it was $ 1 million in the previous resolution.

The following are the most important questions that have been dealt with in this regard, and their exact answers in accordance with the Turkish Nationality Law and its Executive Regulations published on 15/10/2018.

Q1: Can I obtain Turkish citizenship?

Yes, the foreigner can obtain Turkish nationality in several ways, including buying a property in Turkey, provided that the purchase of the property should be after the date 12/1/2017.

Q2: How much is the minimum value of the property to be purchased for Turkish citizenship?

The property purchased between 12/01/2017 and 18/09/2018 must be at least US $ 1 million.

Property purchased on 19/09/2018 and thereafter must be at least US $ 250 thousand.

Q3: How is the price of the property purchased to be evaluated for Turkish citizenship?

The property value evaluation report must be obtained, provided that it has been certified by the accredited institutions of the Turkish government.

Q4: How long is the accepted time to prepare a property valuation report?

The preparation date of the property evaluation report must not exceed 3 months from the date of the application; the report is valid until the completion of the procedure for applying for Turkish citizenship.

Q5: Can I register the value of the property at title deed at a price lower than its real price to lower the tax rate?

The value of the property registered in the title deed cannot be lower than the value recorded in the valuation report. If there is a difference between the two values, the property will be rejected for Turkish citizenship.

Q6: How is the dollar exchange rate calculated when paying for the property?

The exchange rate of the dollar will be calculated according to the official price at the date of purchase, according to the CBK price bulletin.

Q7: Can the property price be just under $ 250,000?

It cannot be done at all, but the value of the property must be slightly higher than the amount specified in the Regulations so that the progress of the Turkish citizenship process will proceed properly.

Q8: Can I pay the property amount in cash?

This cannot be done, all financial payments from the buyer to the seller must be under-documented bank transfers issued from the buyer's account to the seller's account.

Q9: How is the full value of the property verified?

You will be asked to provide transfer receipts that confirm bank transfers between buyer and seller, from the sending bank and from the receiving bank.

Q10: Can I buy a property from my brother or my non-Turkish friend and apply for Turkish citizenship?

The property cannot be purchased from a foreigner. You must buy the property from a Turkish person or a Turkish company. Properties purchased from foreigners will not help you apply for Turkish citizenship.

Q11: I have a property that I bought before the Turkish Citizenship Law was issued. Can I renounce ownership of this property and transfer it to my wife's name or one of my children and then buy it back to apply for Turkish citizenship?

No, it is not right to sell or renounce a property and then re-buy it after the date 12-01-2017 even if it is from the wife or a child, and will not entitle you to apply for Turkish citizenship no matter what the value of the property is.

Q12: Can I buy a property by installments to apply for Turkish citizenship?

The amounts paid will be calculated only from the value of the property, and if there are installments or mortgage, unpaid amounts will not be calculated. Therefore, the installments paid must exceed $ 250,000 so that you can apply for Turkish citizenship for a property purchased in installments.

Q13: Can I sell the property directly after obtaining Turkish citizenship?

No, the property can only be sold after 3 years from the date of purchase. You must write a pledge in the title deed not to sell the property for 3 years.

Q14: If I get Turkish citizenship after buying the property, will my wife and children get Turkish citizenship with me as well?

Yes, wife and children under 18 years of age get Turkish citizenship when applying in the same file of the property owner.

Q15: Can I buy more than one property to apply for Turkish citizenship?

Yes, it is possible to buy several properties, provided that the papers of all the properties together, and the total value of more than 250 thousand dollars at the date of submission of the application.

Q16: If all the conditions are met, is it certain that I get Turkish citizenship?

The Turkish government shall study the file of each investor. Based on the security study of his file, the decision to grant citizenship shall be taken independently of each request. The decision shall be issued in case of approval by the Presidency of the Republic.

Q17: Can I buy any residential or commercial property to apply for Turkish citizenship?

Yes, you can buy any property you choose on the condition that it exceeds $ 250,000, be it an apartment, villa, commercial store or any other property in Turkey.

Q18: How long does it take to Obtain Turkish citizenship after buying a property?

45 days is the period specified for the completion of procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship, from the beginning of the procedures, ie the delivery of the required documents in full to the Turkish government, and until the signature by the President of the Republic who has the authority to approve the granting of Turkish nationality.

Q19: I have a property I bought previously, can I apply for Turkish citizenship?

If the date of purchase of the property before 12/01/2017 you cannot apply for Turkish citizenship.

If the date of purchase after 12/01/2017 until 18/09/2018 the property must be at least USD 1 million.

If the date of purchase after 19/09/2018 it must be at least USD 250 thousand.

Q20: Can the Syrian obtain Turkish citizenship under this law?

Since the Syrian nationality holders cannot own real estate in Turkey at present, so the Syrian cannot obtain citizenship for a real estate investment, but he can benefit from the other options mentioned in this law to obtain Turkish citizenship:

  • Fixed investment of at least US $ 500,000.
  • Provide job opportunities for at least 50 Turkish citizens.
  • Deposit in Turkish banks for at least $ 500,000.

Q21: After obtaining Turkish citizenship for a real estate investment, will I be called for compulsory military service in Turkey?

If you got Turkish citizenship after the age of 22, you will be exempted from military service in Turkey.

Q22: If I get Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property, how can my children over the age of 18 get Turkish citizenship with me?

You can submit a separate file for each son of 18 years to obtain Turkish citizenship in return for a real estate investment, and the same conditions must be applied in full.

Q23: Can I retain my original nationality after receiving Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property?

Yes, you can certainly maintain both citizenships, there are no requirements for the renunciation of your original nationality when you get Turkish citizenship.

Q 24: Can I authorize another person to submit a citizenship file and follow up the procedures instead of me?

Yes, you can do an agency at the Turkish Embassy in your country, or at the Notary Public in Turkey, for any person you choose to follow up the proceedings on your behalf.

Q25: If I buy a property to apply for Turkish citizenship, can I lease it?

Yes, you can lease the property. It is important to retain ownership and not sell it for only 3 years.

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