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The Most Important Way to Pay Bills in Turkey, What Is the Easiest Way?

: 2019-03-27 Modified date : 2019-11-07

The Most Important Way to Pay Bills in Turkey, What Is the Easiest Way?
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Repayment of monthly household payments is a priority for life in other countries of the world, especially in Turkey. Late payments may result in fines and penalties, which are often added to their original value, whether by the landlord or even the tenant.

Which is of concern to some of stopping these services from home, so you find a lot of people are interested in the importance of billing in Turkey and the easiest way to pay them.

Methods of bills payment in Turkey

There are many ways to pay off different types of home monthly bills, whether water, electricity, gas or even the Internet.

      1- Payment at the company's headquarters:

Perhaps the most traditional way to pay bills in Turkey is to go to the headquarters of the company concerned and wait for some time to make payment to the employee concerned, and then get the receipt.

However, this method is tiring and difficult for some, especially as it requires several hours and paying the transport costs in Turkey, especially if the headquarters of these institutions are far from the place of residence, so it was necessary to find alternatives to encourage parents to enter this experience.


       2- Payment in a PTT center:

PTT is a state-owned postal company with offices in various parts of Turkey. It is characterized by fast and accurate services. It operates all days of the week from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm, except Saturday and Sunday.

The various types of bills can be paid through this company, such as electricity, water and Internet subscriptions. It is enough to take the bill and go to the nearest company center and then pay and receive a payment receipt.

This method is less difficult than the first method, especially since the centers are distributed in most Turkish neighborhoods, and it may take a few minutes to make a payment.


     3 - Payment through the bank account:

It is one of the easiest and fastest ways, but the most important conditions that the subscriber to open a bank account in one of the banks located in Turkey.

And then he or she can make a payment by mobile phone or computer through the account at any time.

You can also choose the automatic payment order from the app, so you'll automatically pay your bills without worrying about them.

Advantages of electronic payment of bills in Turkey:

Banks offer several advantages with regard to the payment service in Turkey through their accounts, Including:

  • Paying bills at a bank branch, via mobile phone, or ATM.
  • Paying the bills from the bank account or credit card at the deadline set for payment by choosing an automatic payment order.
  • If your account balance is not enough, the smart text messaging service of some banks can notify you for free.
  • Banks do not charge any commission when bills are paid.

Steps to pay the bill via the mobile phone

We will explain the mechanism of paying the electricity bill via the mobile phone of Kuwait Turk Bank as an example which is widely used:
1- After you log in to the application and tab the options the following screen appears, then we click on Payments

Bills in Turkey

2- When we reach this stage, we click on the bills option

Paying bills in Turkey

3- Among the options shown we click on the option to pay a bill

Bank account

4- At this stage, the user will have to choose the institution concerned with the required service, whether gas, water or electricity.

Electricity Company in Turkey

5- It is noticeable in Turkey that there are several companies that offer the same service like electricity, for example, and after tabbing the option of electricity we will choose one of the electricity companies operating in Turkey.

Kuveyt Turk

After selecting the name of the service provider, in our case, the electricity company ck boğaziçi elektrik we fill out the subscriber number and the number is usually on the same bill, and then tab next to show the amount to be paid by the subscriber, and when tabbing on the amount payment will be made after approval is accepted.

It is important to remind that the user of the application does not have to return the entire previous process for the next month's payment. The only option is to access the last transactions option directly after the bills to show him the fifth stage related to each bill directly.

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