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The Increased Rentals Prices ... Reason and Mechanism

: 2017-10-30

The Increased Rentals Prices ... Reason and Mechanism
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Turkish Statistical Institute announced the increase rates in rentals for November 2017 based on the increase indices in production and consumption prices and inflation rates in Turkey.

The increased rentals prices rates in Turkey are issued every month. This increase is valid for one full year from the month in which the ratio is issued to the same month of the following year. The percentage is valid at the same time for the contracts organized during that period, and the new rate will be valid from October 2017 to October 2018 for contracts organized during the new month or those are extended.

The calculation factors were used to calculate the new ratio for this month based on inflation figures issued by the Turkish Statistical Institute and in accordance with the Public Debt Law No. 344 and based on the PPI and the CPI.

In this context, it was found that the increase rate is 13.2%, which is added to the rental allowance.

The following is a simple way to calculate the increase in rents:

Let's assume that the rental fee for the property is 1000 Turkish liras, the proportion of the increase taking into account the ratio of 13.2 is the amount of 132 Turkish liras, ie the final amount of the rent will be about 1132 Turkish liras.

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