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Important Recommendations for the Investors in the Istanbul Real Estate Sector

When investing in the real estate sector there are important things to pay attention to...

Important Recommendations for the Investors in the Istanbul Real Estate Sector
2016-04-21 Last update 2020-02-13

Important Recommendations for the Investors in the Istanbul Real Estate Sector

Good Chance for Investing in Real Estate in Turkey - investing turkey

Istanbul’s soil and rock are made of gold! This is what many investors in the real estate sector say. In recent years, this sector has witnessed a big rise in the value of the investment, leaving all the investment sectors behind. The prices of real estate in Turkey in general and the real estate in Istanbul, in particular, are constantly rising. The investors are making more money than other investments, but making big profits in the real estate sector is not easy, the investor may fall in simple mistakes in which the investment will be the cause of damage and not a reason for a profit.

When investing in the Turkish real estate sector there are important things to pay attention to, as investors in the real estate sector gain a lot, but if this Turkey investment is unconscious and unplanned may be difficult and serious, so we note that experts in the real estate sector make some recommendations to investors, the task that you should pay attention to while investing for high profits.

The location of the property is at the forefront of the recommendations made by the experts. The location of the property is the guarantee of investment and is of great importance in making the right profit from the investment. The experts recommend the importance of investing in districts that are constantly growing and possess high value in a Short-term period, as the purchase of real estate from these areas will generate high profits in the medium term.

We should not forget the golden rule of investment, which is buying when prices are low and selling when they are high, "said one of the best real estate experts.

The official and informal institutions such as universities, hospitals, shopping malls, airports and other public and private projects contribute significantly to the high value of the commercial area, which helps to increase property prices in these areas, so these things must be taken into account during investment.

Transportation is one of the most important factors affecting real estate prices, especially in large and crowded cities such as Istanbul. Property prices are affected by the type of transport lines that are nearby, so take into account the conditions of transportation near the property during Investment.

The presence of the property within the residential complexes contributes to increase its importance, because the residential complexes are safer, more comfortable and more luxurious than others outside the complexes, and make sure that the property required will resist earthquakes and natural pests, this is also important in investment, Real estate bonds are free of problems.

It is also necessary to ensure if the required property has approvals for reconstruction and housing or not yet, as experts do not recommend buying property in new areas after solving the problems of reconstruction and housing.

Real estate investors may face risks in their real estate investments, so it is better for investors to invest through real estate companies and experts, so they can get rid of the risks they can face and make high profits, so we notice that among the important recommendations for investors is to consult real estate consultants and experts.

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