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How to Get a Commercial Land Registry

: 2017-08-10

How to Get a Commercial Land Registry
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Commercial Land Registry is the record that must be obtained if the property is intended for business activities. Real estate of this type includes offices, shops, warehouses and similar types of shops and other commercial places. Some housing units may also be converted to shops later on. It is therefore very necessary to record the purpose of the use of the property on the land registry related to this property. A commercial real estate register must be written on real estate that carries out business activities.  

There are several things to keep in mind when obtaining a land registry, the most important of which is the type of property that is acquired or owned. Where a property may have been sold for example in the form of a shop that has been registered in the Department of Real Estate Records under a commercial real estate register. In such cases, the type of property must be changed in the real estate records in order to avoid problems in the future while paying the fees or taxes related to this property. Such procedures can be done by visiting the municipality to which the property belongs.

Another important and necessary thing is to obtain the necessary licenses for the property obtained. There are licenses and permits that must be verified for residential buildings. This is particularly necessary if the purchase of a property has been done by getting a property loan from the bank.

Fines are applied to apartments that do not have a floor ownership license. Real estate records departments can be checked in order to consider such licenses and check them.

The commercial real estate register can also be organized by recording the name of the owner of the registry, the size of the property clearly, in addition to the location of the property, the type of property, and the status of the shareholders and shares therein. And to record the adjustments made in the land registry to the property in the event of such modifications. In addition to notifying the serial number and date related to the property.

Each municipality that has property records and the department of Real Estate Registries belonging to this property must be checked, in order to be informed of the other additional conditions if available.

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