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Ways and Conditions of Obtaining the Turkish Citizenship

Obtaining the Turkish Citizenship is based on kindships and homes in Turkey of birth, where Turkish Citizenship is automatically obtained in these cases...

Ways and Conditions of Obtaining the Turkish Citizenship
2016-04-12 Last update 2020-02-13

Ways and Conditions of Obtaining the Turkish Citizenship

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Obtaining the Turkish citizenship is based on two principles: the first by kinships and the second by the place of birth, where Turkish citizenship is automatically obtained in these cases.

First: Obtaining Turkish Citizenship through Kinships:

  • Children born to a Turkish father or a Turkish mother by marriage, whether in Turkey or abroad, are Turkish citizens.
  • Children born to a Turkish father and a foreign mother in the case of proving the basis of authenticating kinship are Turkish citizens.
  • Children born to a Turkish mother and a foreign father outside the circle of marriage are Turkish citizens.

Second: Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Place of Birth:

Every child born in Turkey to Turkish or foreign parents who cannot have any other citizenship is a Turkish citizen. Every child in Turkey and is considered born in Turkey unless proven the contrary.

Third:  Obtaining Turkish Citizenship through Other Methods:

  1. Getting Turkish Citizenship by Marriage:

Marrying a Turkish citizen does not give the foreigner the direct right to get the Turkish citizenship, but foreigners married to Turkish citizens and whose marriage continues after three years are entitled to apply for the Turkish citizenship with the following conditions:

  • To live together as a family.
  • The applicant must not act in an inconsistent manner with family unity.
  • The applicant must not pose a threat to national security and public order.

In the case of the death of the Turkish husband or wife after the submission of the application, the condition mentioned in paragraph (a) should not be taken into account. Foreigners who have obtained Turkish citizenship through marriage in the event of annulment of their marriage, shall not be deprived of Turkish citizenship if they prove their good intentions of marriage.

  1. Exceptional Cases for Obtaining Turkish Citizenship:

Some foreigners can obtain Turkish citizenship in certain exceptional cases provided that they do not pose a threat to the national security and they do not threaten the public order. These exceptional cases:

  • Anyone who contributes and is expected to contribute to the development of industrial, technical, economic, social, artistic and sports sciences effectively and radically.
  • Persons who are believed to be they must get Turkish citizenship.
  • Persons who have been accepted as refugees.
  1. Obtaining Turkish Citizenship through Adoption:

If a Turkish citizen adopts a foreign child, the child will be granted the Turkish citizenship from the date of adoption, provided that the child has not yet reached the age of majority and does not pose a threat on the national security and public order of the country.

  1. Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by a Decision of the Competent Authorities:

Foreigners who wish to obtain the Turkish citizenship in the event having of the necessary conditions can obtain Turkish citizenship after the decision of the competent authorities is taken, but the conditions provided by the concerned person does not mean that he has an absolute right to get the Turkish citizenship.

Conditions for Foreigners Who Wish to Obtain Turkish Citizenship:

  • The concerned person should be a resident in Turkey legally and without interruption for a period of five years until the date of submitting the application.
  • He should have a source of income through which he can cover his expenses and his dependents.
  • Not to endanger the national security of the country and not to disturb the regime and the integrity of the public.
  • To decide to live in Turkey and to support this decision by deeds as well.
  • He should not suffer from a serious illness that threatens public safety.
  • He should have reached the age of majority, and to have good morals.
  • To be fluent in the Turkish language.

In addition to these conditions, it is from the power of the Council of Ministers to ask foreigners who wish to get Turkish citizenship to also give up their nationality.

Citizens of the Republic of Northern Turkish Cyprus:

Citizens of the Turkish part of Cyprus Island obtain Turkish citizenship from the date of applying for it.

Children’s parents who have lost the Turkish nationality, their children have the right to choose Turkish citizenship after reaching the age of puberty.

Now, it is a great chance to invest in Istanbul Turkey to get officially granted citizenship.

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