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Digital Marketing Tools Affecting the Turkish Real Estate Market

: 2019-09-11 Modified date : 2019-10-09

Digital Marketing Tools Affecting the Turkish Real Estate Market
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Marketing tools vary and differs, but keeping up with the modern and diverse means of social media has had the most impact on the Turkish real estate market, as this propaganda has played an active role in clarifying everything related to the Turkish real estate affairs, and ownership options in Turkey for anyone interested in this matter.

As marketing tools are different, the process of extrapolating the wishes of customers is easier, which is discussed in the following lines.

The impact of modern advertising methods on the Turkish real estate market

The Turkish real estate sector has not lost sight of the development of our time, in which the Internet and social media have entered people's lives and livelihoods on a large scale. The real estate sector and the real estate market in Turkey today are adopting online tools and social media in all its businesses. Especially in the field of advertising and relationships, and especially after the qualitative leap in the Turkish real estate sector in recent years, introduced it to the international markets, and has become an important priority to investors around the world.

Real Estate market

On the other hand, the real estate market has witnessed a change in its tendencies in terms of changing consumer demand data.

“Relationships in the Turkish real estate market have become fully online, and more than 77% of these businesses are done via the internet. In the development of advertising and sales," Commenting the Turkish real estate expert and the CEO of one of the companies working in the electronic real estate advertising, Mr. Mustafa Hakan, in a press statement published by the newspaper Emlak kulasi.

Residence sectors are becoming smaller

"The sectors required for family residence began to grow smaller with the passage of days, due to the small number of members of the family." Mr. Mustafa Hakan added on the same subject.

Turkish Real Estate Market

This has brought significant changes to real estate marketing due to the increasing number of customers who want smaller residence units. Consequently, Small-size apartments are becoming more popular in the rental market.
Property in Turkey

Risk is reduced in real estate consultancy

"With the development of the real estate market in Turkey, the real estate consultant is directing his client to the appropriate financial, legal and technical destination. However, the client also knows the right real estate advisor, which contributed to reducing the risk on the one hand by committing mistakes caused by not taking into account all the financial and legal aspects of the property he wants to buy. On the other hand, it reduced the incidence of falling into the hands of scammers," commenting on the development of real estate consultancy,” Hakan said commenting on the development of real estate consultancy.

Turkish Real Estate

In conclusion:

Based on the above, and in our previous article, “The Great Impact of Digital Marketing on Turkey's Home SalesWe emphasize the role of modern media, represented mainly by social media, in successful marketing, where Digital marketing and social media marketing campaigns have been instrumental in increasing Turkey's real estate demand and of activating the real estate market in general.

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Sources: Emlakkulasi + Emlak sondakika

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