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Important Tips before Buying or Selling a Property in Turkey

: 2019-05-08 Modified date : 2019-08-26

Important Tips before Buying or Selling a Property in Turkey
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Whether they are investors or ordinary people, many want to own in Turkey to take advantage of the advantages of buying a property in Turkey, to save housing rent, and possibly for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Buying a property in Turkey: What is the importance of a real estate contract?

Real estate sale contract: An agreement signed between two parties, through which the pledge to sell the property from one of the parties, and purchase from the other party.

The main reason for concluding and signing the real estate sale contract is to prevent the possibility of another sale of the property. The contract is considered the first step towards ownership, and the contract is a guarantor of the ownership process, so the person who concludes a real estate contract in Turkey should pay attention to the following tips:

Essential conditions when buying a property

In order to buy a property under a sound contract, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Eligibility and full satisfaction of the parties:

Parties of the contract must be eligible for the real estate sale so that they are adult with a level of awareness to understand the meaning of the contract; both will owe to the other through signing and the contract. Minors who have not reached legal age can only conclude this contract through adult legal representatives.

The consent and satisfaction of the parties to conclude such a contract must be apparent at the time of signing the contract and, a contract that does not include a statement of consent of the parties and their acceptance and will to the sale is legally rejected.

Buying a property

  1. Legality of the property

The property must be registered in the Land Registry (Tabu) to avoid loss of rights in real estate sales contracts.

  1. Clarity of the price of the property

The property and its price are indicated in the contract, and this is also the condition that the contract earns its legal status.

  1. Type of property and its validity for ownership

The property must be the subject of the contract of sale of one of the types of property available for ownership under the Turkish law; these types are recorded in a separate page in the title deed (Tabu).

  1. Registration of the contract in a certain form by the notary.

The contract must be registered at the notary as "Organization of contract" düzenleme, not only as Authentication "onaylama" because if not done in this form it will lose its legal effectiveness.

  1. Real estate statement Transaction

If the buyer concluded a long-term sale contract, it will not be considered as a real estate ownership under the law but will have the right to conclude the full sale contract after a certain period. In this case, the future sale contract is limited to him and the person who concluded the future sale contract with him.

So that the seller could sell the property to another person, and the first buyer would not have the right to claim his right.

In the case of regulating the Transaction of Real estate statement, the right of the buyer can be guaranteed to whoever can be linked to the property in the future, thus preserving the buyer's right to claim the property if the property was sold to someone else.

  1. Attendance of the contract holder in the contract of sale:

It is essential that the property owner personally conclude full sale contract, and the buyer may be liable if the contract is concluded otherwise.

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