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Arabs and Real Estate Ownership in Turkey: The Quest for Stability

: 2018-12-04

Arabs and Real Estate Ownership in Turkey: The Quest for Stability
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Geographically, Turkey occupies a strategic position on the map of the world, a site that over the past centuries has formed the link between the East and the West, while the historical dimension still embodies Turkey's present heritage on more than one level, both internally and externally.

Why Turkey?

Turkey's achievement of high levels of economic development and comprehensive development recently does not mean comparing it to the economies of Western Europe, at least in terms of the ability to give financial grants to refugees in relatively small numbers there, compared with their huge numbers in Turkey, this is a real incentive for a significant group of Arab refugees to prefer Western European countries to Turkey.
On the other hand, there are a number of reasons that are still pushing many Arabs to favor Turkey a country of stability, including:
  • The political and security stability in Turkey especially after the elections of 2018, and has been a major reason to make the decision to migrate mainly.
  • The cultural nature of the Arabs and the Turks is shared in many respects, starting with the great religious and moral common denominators, and ending with the simplest details of life, such as food and clothing.
  • An educational appropriate atmosphere, which has become a real concern for many Arab refugees in Western countries, and resulted in cases of alienation and denial of the original identity of many of the young people there.
  • There are many educational options in Turkey such as Arab schools, international schools in Istanbul, bilingual schools, or imams and government preachers’ schools, which adopt a reconciling approach between science in both its legal and cosmological aspects. In addition to teaching scientific, literary and arts subjects, and beliefs ... and the schools of Imams and preachers allow their students to enroll in Turkish universities like other schools, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has graduated from the schools of imams and preachers, so these schools have seen a remarkable development in the recent period, and was equipped with the latest technical means.
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  • The relative proximity of Turkey to the Arab countries led to the ease of reciprocal visits between the resident in Turkey and his family in his home country while providing a great deal of hardship and financial cost.

The Arab real estate ownership culture

From generations to generations Arabs appreciated ownership of real estate of all kinds of land and buildings and houses and raised the need to preserve them whatever happens and they gave them a high value.
In addition to this, many surplus money owners are buying fixed assets, fearing the risk of unsecured investments. In this sense, Real estate is like gold a reservoir of value.
Owning a property in Turkey and enticing with the strong Turkish passport!
Interested people are wondering: Can Palestinian own a property in Turkey? And what about the ownership in Turkey for the Yemenis?  
Most of the Arabs have the right to own real estate in Turkey without any obstacles, according to the law of ownership in Turkey, and they are entitled to acquire property in Turkey or so-called real estate, which opened the door wide to the movement of Arab capital In the field of investment and to fulfill the conditions of ownership in Turkey.

As for the Syrians ownership in Turkey, they can own property in Turkey legally, by resorting to the establishment of a company, and then buy the property under the name of this company, or by registering the property in the name of a reliable Turkish citizen, especially since a number of Syrians have already obtained Turkish nationality Recently, this is the answer to a question frequently asked: Can the Syrian own a property in Turkey?
After the recent amendment to the Turkish Nationality Law, it was possible to grant the foreign investor Turkish nationality in return for buying a property worth $ 250 thousand, after it was worth $ 1 million in the previous law, which prompted many Arabs to transfer their money from some Gulf countries to take this opportunity.
The final talks are being held in full swing between EU officials on the one hand and Turkish officials on the other, after Turkey has completed the conditions required to exempt its citizens from the European Union (Schengen), Which will increase the power of the Turkish passport, allowing the holder to enter more than 72 countries without obtaining a visa in advance, Turkish citizens can also enter more than 42 countries with a visa issued immediately upon arrival, and more than 7 countries granted Turkish passport holder online electronic visa.

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Source: Al Jazeera Blogs
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