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Algerians Ownership in Turkey

: 2018-02-21 Modified date : 2019-08-24

Algerians Ownership in Turkey
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Can Algerians buy an apartment in Turkey?

Can Algerians buy land in Turkey?

What kind of properties do Algerian citizens have the right to own in Turkey?

What are the necessary procedures for Algerians ownership in Turkey?

Important questions about the ownership of Algerians in Turkey, we review the answers in this article, and at the end, you can find new clip episode of the program "Real Estate is the best decision" entitled Algerians Ownership in Turkey prepared and presented by Mr. Abdullah Al-Hammad CEO of Imtilak Real Estate. 

Algerians interest in the Turkish real estate market

Recently, Algerian investors are increasingly interested in Turkish real estate, and they are looking for accurate information on Turkish real estate from the right sources.

In reviewing the Turkish law and the amendments to the Foreign Ownership Act of 2012, there is no hindrance for Algerians to own a real estate in Turkey.

According to data from the Turkish Statistics Department, the number of Algerian owners has increased in recent years and their interest in Turkish real estate has increased.

Especially after the issuance of the decision to grant Turkish nationality to investors in 2018, where it became possible to obtain Turkish citizenship for a real estate investment of $ 250 thousand only instead of a million dollars in the previous decision, with the consequent advantages of the strong Turkish passport.

In 2018, the Turkish passport was ranked 39th in the world, registering 114 points on the Visa Travel Index, allowing the holder to enter more than 72 countries without a visa in advance. Turkish nationals can also enter more than 42 countries with a visa Issued immediately upon arrival, more than 7 countries grant the Turkish passport holder an electronic visa online.

According to data from the Turkish Statistics Department, the number of Algerian owners has increased in recent years and raised their interest in Turkish real estate.

Algerians are entitled to buy most of the properties in Turkey, including residential properties such as Apartmentsvillas, along with commercial real estate including shopsofficesstoreshotels, and buildings.

In addition to the possibility of buying agricultural or residential lands.

Legal papers required to complete the procedures for the Algerians ownership in Turkey

As for the legal papers required to complete the ownership of the Algerians are:

  1. Getting a tax number.
  2. Translation of the passport into Turkish.
  3. Ratification of the passport translated by the notary public or through the Turkish embassies abroad.
  4. Two personal photographs.
  5. Paying the fees of the title deed.
  6. The presence of the owner or his official agent, under the submission of a notarized power of attorney to the notary, or through the Turkish embassies abroad.
  7. Opening a bank account in Turkey adds greater facilities for remittances within Turkey.


You can see the rest of the episodes about the ownership of other foreign nationalities in this series, such as PalestiniansJordaniansYemenisSaudisIraqisEgyptians, and Sudanese ownership.  
Edited by: Imtilak Real Estate

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