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In case you decided to sell your apartment, you should take into account and be aware of 5 things:

 1- Determine the suitable price for sale:

Ask for the help of specialist to assess the apartment price, often if the determined price for sale is based on the current market prices, it will attract the wrong buyer which will cause no selling, or perhaps the ad would remain pendent for a longer period, or maybe it would cause to sell the apartment at a lower price than the price of the market. Consequently, preferably refer to companies for reliable assessment, in order to determine the optimal sales price.

 2- Follow-up customer:

Make sure to keep the way of communication between you and your potential customers, whether by phone or Email, be in touch with them to reach a point of agreement which satisfy both parties.

 3- Make sure to market your property in a right way:

To reach more potential customers, you need to make sure to market your property in a right way, therefore you need to seek help from a real-estate and construction companies to present your property, and it may be required to deal with the media companies.

 4- Check out the customer’s identity accurately:

  Sometimes it requires from selling to let unknown people to see the apartment from the inside, so in this there is a risk, the least of it is the robbery of the light in weight and heavy in value, so check the buyer's identity, and his address.

 5- Do not overpraise your apartment:

In order to convince the buyer, you must answer his questions correctly with crystal clear answers, and I know that you will not be able to sell him with compliment and praise, your obvious answer of the questions that revolve in the mind of the customer will facilitate the purchase and accelerate the process. In these times the buyer became an expert, so be in a full readiness for every question you may be asked.

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